Upcoming News for our Alicante Bouschet..

Our Harmony Wynelands Alicante Bouschet is now in the barrels and soon to be bottled...If you haven't purchased a bottle yet we invite you to read a review from one of our dearly valued customers. 

"Tasted your 2004 Alicante Bouschet today. It got lost accidently in the wine cellar, probably when we moved from Sacramento to St. Paul MN Absolutely heavenly. Inky and opaque without bricking. The nose is subtle with berry and vanilla. Very smooth on the palate and perfect for drinking now. Delightful dark berry flavors. An amazingly good wine."


If you have a comment like Arjuns we invite you to email us at Info@harmonywynelands.com and let us know your feedback, we appreciate your kind words and love passing along the great comments to our wine maker.